Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

私は戻ってきた ~^o^~

I just made my FIRST SELFMADE Header for my blog ...
I know, I have to learn a lot -.-
But I think it's better than the old one ;)
Next time I'll try a new one with Photoshop ^.^

Almost a month ago, I had to go to hospital again, and so my beloved Shizu chan had
the cute idea to visit me a day before and we had a really good time ❤

We made Maccha Frappucino and waffles ❤
Shizu chan also bought a cute and VERY tasty Hello Kitty cake *_____*

After watchin movies at my home, we went to Media Markt and Kik XD
and there , we found THIS ...
For just 1€ each package ❤
Shizu and me, bought all they had XD

okay, that's enough for totay

I have to cook now <3


Anonym hat gesagt…

gott sind die kleiderbügel toll *O*

Circus_Princess hat gesagt…

Wah! ALter, die Bügel sind ja mal voll Porno!