Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Big Shopping Update ... Dec. - Feb.

Hi Gals,

today I want to show you my shopping stuff from the last months ...
OMG, really MONTHS ... plural !!!
I feel so ashamed cuz I stopped blogging for so long ...
Please forgive me m(--___--)m
But I'll be a better Gal and blogg more ;)

Okay, here some impressions from my new STUFF ^///^

As you maybe already know, I adore the brand "Vive Maria" ❤
Here you can order and inform about this very sexy and cute brand Napo
I think this brand is all a girl should be, classy and sexy ;)
okay, here are the pics XD

A cute scarf from Divided H&M *__* and a this lovely shirt ❤

CUUUUUTE Socks from Tally Weijl❤ They are fitting so great to my brown wedges❤
Can't wait to show you (maybe tomorrow? ;))

My beloved Cecil Mcbee bag ❤ It was a littly pricy but I HAD to have this fuckin* cute bag >_______< It was a bag in the Seventeen Mag from May 2010 and I missed it.
Also my OCS here in HH could NOT order it again, that's why I had to order it at -.-

❤❤❤ And some cute shirt from OGE ❤❤❤
They were in sale, so I couldn't resist ;)

And the cute sales girl presented this GREAT bag to me *_____*
I was soooo happy ^///^

And ... yeah, I confess, I AM ADDICTED TO UNDERWEAR XD
I bought TONS of them the last months ...
Always if I'm in a bad mood, buying a panty or a bra makes me happy again XD

and this panty ❤
This string and panty are soooo comfy and pretty ❤❤❤ I adore all these details ❤❤❤

and some Burlesque/Pin up pantys from "What Katie did" ❤
I also have a red one with black ribbons, but its in the laundry now ;)

yeah ...
there are sooooo much more items XD
But I'll post more tomorrow, okay?
Now I have a bad light to take pics of my stuff ;___;
So I'll di it after sports tomorrow , promised ^^

Okay, I have to prepair lunch now ...
Have a nice evening honeys

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Circus_Princess hat gesagt…

Okay, das sind Sachen für knapp 150€, oder ;D Wie geil! Ich liebe die OGE Shirts! das grüne ist toll.

❤Mini Mimi❤ hat gesagt…

och naja ebay machts möglich XD und das sind ja gesammelte Werke über ein paar Monate ...
und hätte OGE net Sale hätte ich mir die shirts auch net gekauft.
Da habehn die Shirts ja auch um die 30-40€ gekostet. finde ich übertrieben, auch wenn sie süß sind!

Anonym hat gesagt…

tolle sachen !! am meisten gefällt mir der schal *O*