Samstag, 19. Juni 2010

Flea Market

Hi friends ...

last weekend we went to the fleamarket and I found a lot of cool and cute stuff ^___^
But the greatest thing found my mum for me ...

here you can see it ❤

I really love the flowers on it ❤
What do you think?

And here a few pics of other stuff I found for really low money at the flea market ❤
(Please ignore the Coffee mashine, it was from my parents, who gave us their "old" one, because we don't have a Coffee mashine XD)

Tomorrow will be a great flea market again ❤
Just a few streets away from our apartment ❤
Last year I foung great stuff two ...

I can't resist to post a few pics of these things XD

The Puma Shoes were absolutly NEW *___* and I paid just 3 Euro XD
I don't think, that these LV Stuff is authentic but I LOVE the design and until I found a new job, this will be okay ;)

My first new bag when I get my first full money will be a special bag from Juicy Couture *__________*

that was it for now XD

Excuse my bad english today XD

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Connys World hat gesagt…

was für ein geiler flohmarkt ist das bitte? bei uns gibt es nur schrott uns so billig zeug von den indern oder türken :(